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The Team

The team behind Power2Polymers

We are four founders, all with a PhD from the RWTH Aachen University and practical experience.


Dr. Guido Schroer
(PhD in polymer chemistry

Strategy & Sales

Guido combines his PhD in polymer chemistry with practical experience from working as a consultant at BCG.

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Tobias Riedl
(PhD in polymer chemistry submitted)

Product & Lab

Tobi, submitted a PhD in polymer chemistry, is an expert in synthesis, bringing deep technical expertise to our team.

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Dr. Lily Schrameier
(PhD in Entrepreneurial Finance

Finance & PMO
Lily has a background in psychology, holds a PhD in entrepreneurial finance, and has four years of experience at BCG. 

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Yannik Kohlhaas
(PhD in chemical engineering submitted)

Production & Scale-up
Yannik submitted a PhD in chemical engineering and is an expert in scaling up chemical production processes.

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