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What are Polymers?

Polymers are large molecules made by linking together many smaller units called monomers, much like a chain made from connecting beads. They are incredibly versatile and can be found in everything from everyday items like kitchen devices and clothing to high-tech gadgets and medical devices.

What products are 
made from polymers?

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Lubricants are made from polymers because these long-chain molecules can create a slippery surface, reducing friction between moving parts. This makes them essential for any technology that moves, from car engines to computer fans, ensuring they operate smoothly and last longer.

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Adhesives use polymers to stick things together because their long, sticky chains can bond tightly to surfaces. Whether it's gluing a broken toy or assembling high-tech electronics, polymer-based adhesives provide the strength and flexibility needed for a durable hold.

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Coatings are often polymer-based because these materials can form protective layers that shield surfaces from damage, corrosion, or weather. From waterproofing your smartphone to anti-scratch layers on glasses, polymer coatings are vital for preserving the function and appearance of a wide range of products.

...and many more

The widespread presence of 'forever chemicals' in polymer products is an alarming concern. These substances, synonymous with durability, are insidiously woven into the fabric of our daily lives, yet they carry harrowing health risks such as cancer and infertility—risks that linger and accumulate over time. Our ultimate goal is to redefine safety in polymer production, ensuring long-term well-being without the shadow of 'forever chemicals'.

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