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We make forever products
without forever chemicals

What we do

Power2Polymers pioneers toxin-free polymer products such as lubricants addressing the worldwide problem of forever chemicals. Despite their durability and versatility, these chemicals pose severe health risks, including cancer and infertility. Our innovative patented technology in the EU and US, offers safer alternatives for the $165 billion lubricant and many other polymer markets.


Our mission is to deliver the versatility and strength of forever chemicals without compromising health, ensuring safe polymer product use globally.


Power2Polymers is redefining material science, leveraging the robust and versatile Polyoxymethylene (POM) – the same material that made your childhood Lego blocks so indestructible. This innovative method eliminates the need for harmful chemicals and doubles the customizability of polymers to suit specific applications. It's a cutting-edge fusion of chemistry, paving the way for smarter, safer polymer production.


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