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What we do at Power2Polymers

We make polymer products free of 

forever chemicals... forever!

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What is our patented technology?

Enhanced base polymer with new properties

We cut POM, a building block which lego is made of and integrate it into a base polymer. Normal base polymers get PFAS as additives or are already containing the deadly C-F bond in it to make them stronger. Thanks to POM our base polymer is stronger than the state of the art and can be precisely tailored to the needs of the later product. Making forever chemical additives obsolete. Giving the power back 2 the base polymer.

PFAS power without PFAS

PFAS based lubricants are well known for their strong resistance against temperatures, time and acids. Our first prototype can already withstand temperatures up to 570 °F and stay viscous to low temperatures of -31 °F. It is stable in acids and has a high shear stability.

The next optimization steps include combinations of heat and acids, as well as tests for corrosion when applied to different metals and other surfaces.

Stabel up to

570 °F


Does not freeze until -31 °F





WhatsApp Image 2024-03-28 at 14.04.10.jpeg





The combination of POM and PO gives us the ability to tailor the polymer precisely. Higher ratios of POM in the base polymer lead to a higher viscosity and higher stability. By transforming the reactive-OH groups at both ends we can further fine tune these properties.

1  By endcapping these groups we can have a stronger fluid like lubricant.

2 Further manipulating the POM/PO ratio leads to a super hydrophobic viscous lubricants.

3 Linking the base polymers under specific conditions leads either to grease or

4 solid lubricants which can be dispersed for spray utilization.

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